Chrissy's not my real name

Chrissy Brown is a penname. Why choose a penname, because my books have mature content and that doesn't mix well with my day job. By day I'm an Elementary Special Education Teacher. By the wee early hours of the morning I'm an online English teacher to Chinese kids. By night I'm a doting wife and loving mother to my twin daughters. So when do I write? Late late at night. Sleep is for the weak lol. I love all things romance. You'll often find me curled up in my almost nonexistent spare time reading on my Kindle. I have a few favorite go-to authors, but you'll have to subscribe to my newsletter to learn more. Follow me on social media to see the craziness that I call life. It's messy, unorganized, but beautiful. Last but not least, I want to thank you for being here and reading my books. You are making my dreams come true.

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