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The writing will draw you in after only a few pages and have you finishing the book in one sitting. There is the perfect amount of angst and romance to keep you hooked. I loved how the relationship unfolded so we could see these amazing characters grow in ways they never expected. I would suggest picking up a copy asap, you will not be disappointed.
It was kind of bittersweet story for me. A lot of romantic, sweet and touching moments but ruined by the immaturity and selfishness of the hero. But well I guess everyone was growing up in some point of time or is still doing this to become an adult, so no fault in that. No one is perfect. And the fact they couldn't really communicate even if they spend a lot of time talking. They were to afraid to show their true emotions and feeling toward each other, too afraid to trust each other fully. That lead to the frustrating moments and complicated their somewhat sweet and easy reunion. Those twists, turns and unexpected events made the story line quite interesting.
This was a well written story with amazing characters. I love this series and this one did not disappoint. I can't wait for more from the author!

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